YBS Accounting

Handling Any or All of your Accounting Needs

What can YBS do for you?

Your Business Services is a full service outsourcing firm providing the most important business functions for your company – finance & accounting, technology, communications and marketing.  Our accounting division will assist in the interpretation of your financial records and reports to help improve your profitability. Our experts will help you analyze your expenses to control unnecessary outflow, reconcile your bank statements to avoid costly money leaks, and suggest new procedures or programs to uncover additional opportunities. Our service will help you manage your business more efficiently and productively.

Outsourcing with YBS means that you only have to pay for the work that your accountant does. If you’ve only got work for one day a week then that’s all you need to pay for. If you have someone in-house, you’ll have to pay them salary, holiday time, benefits, sick time, so on, whereas if you’re using an agency then all of this is their problem.

Outsourcing with YBS gives you more flexibility for managing cash flow. If you’re outsourcing on a project basis, you can evaluate comparable firms and ensure that you get the best service at the best cost. If you bring someone in-house, then you don’t have that fluidity to move to a different provider if your needs change.

YBS understands that simplifying and standardizing finance and accounting processes is a key characteristic of well-run companies, and by instilling good accounting processes, your company can achieve a variety of good outcomes—such as more information, more service and more cash. By simplifying your accounting processes, you can reduce the cycle it takes to close books, and develop better benchmark and baseline financial processes to help meet any regulatory requirements.  This is where the YBS experts come in to help your business thrive.

YBS services include:

Complete data entry for your business

Optimization of your QuickBooks file

QuickBooks entries

Reconciliation of your accounts each day, week or month

Invoicing your customers or working with your staff to ensure invoicing is done correctly

Payment of your bills each week or month

Management of all your other daily, weekly or monthly bookkeeping tasks

Maintain vendor records

Payroll accounting

Various monthly and yearly tax documents (sales tax, W2s, 1099s, etc.)

Year end bookkeeping

QuickBooks training support

Tax returns

Financial Reports We Provide

Balance Sheets

Income Statements

Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts

Accounts Receivable Reports

Accounts Payable Reports

Custom Internal Reports