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FACT: In an emergency, every second counts between the time a 911 call is placed and when help arrives. Traditional 911 emergency dispatch services operate under constant pressure to improve. Wait times in some cities have been as high as 30 minutes for first responders to arrive. Pinpointing the location of a caller can be up to 90% inaccurate. A new Smartphone app called Alert-360® augments existing emergency dispatch and empowers citizens to help create their own safer streets.

In early 2015, Biosynq Corporation launched Alert-360®, the first mobile 9-1-1 crowd sourcing mobile phone app. This free app is enabled whenever a 9-1-1 call is initiated. Alert-360 has built-in functionality that increases the sharing of critical information and is designed to help decrease emergency response times. The launch coincides with the public safety platform of Libby Schaaf, newly elected Mayor of Oakland. Ms. Schaaf is focused on improving response times of first responders and involving citizens in the prevention of public safety issues. Studies have shown that civic engagement is correlated to public safety and Alert-360®, increases civic engagement. With this technology, every citizen gets a chance to declare, “Not on my watch,” and act responsibly on that civic impulse.   It is a wonderful tool to help rebuild our cities,” Mayor, Libby Schaaf, Oakland, CA.

OPD has been in a 90-day pilot program with the app’s Alert Management Platform (AMP). App users receive real-time emergency alerts regarding 9-1-1 incidents that are crowd sourced from users in their area. App users can receive alerts when friends & family dial 9-1-1 from anywhere in the world and get emergency help when travelling, even when they do not know the local emergency number.

“When a person dials 9-1-1, they want and expect help to arrive from first responders right away,” explains Pete Sarna, CEO of Alert-360®. “Alert-360 enables the community to have more situational awareness of their own personal safety, and empowers them be part of the solution to any emergency.” Such is the case in Oakland, where citizens will have the option to submit anonymous details of an emergency to dispatch including video, audio, and text.   Alert 360 will save lives through collaboration of Public Safety, Community Leaders, Government Officials, and the Public.


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