Can you Recover In The Event Of A Disaster?

When it comes to IT, everyone takes a risk. Potential system failures, data loss, ransomware, and compliance checks are threats to anyone’s business. YBS understands what it means when disaster strikes. The impact on your business can be severe. Backup & Disaster Recovery is a must for any business and YBS can help you tackle the challenges and provide peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.


Disaster does not discriminate on who is impacted and a Disaster Recovery plan is a must for any business. Proper planning is vital to maintaining the critical operations of your company during a disaster. YBS’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) programs are designed to help your IT and network business:

  • Stave off revenue loss
  • Minimize operational downtime
  • Protect against data loss and corruption during times of crisis

More importantly, our BC/DR programs help protect your most valuable asset-human capital.


Server backups are the bread and butter of any data protection installation. Servers are where all the current, and often older data resides. Additionally, servers are where the applications, operating systems, configurations and system state reside. Protecting these assets the number one priority for any IT professional or solution provider.

With our Backup & Recovery solution, your data is routinely monitored for changes and constantly backed up to the Cloud. Our Cloud Backup takes virtual, complete snapshots of your servers and/or data. In the event of a complete server outage, the snapshots are used for a much quicker restoration of your data and/or complete server. If the internet connection is down, our backups are made to the Local Speed Vault (a local NAS device) and then synchronized up to the Cloud when the Internet connection is restored.

Because of our backup solution, downtime due to a failover is drastically reduced allowing access to your data in minutes, rather than hours or days. We use a hybrid cloud model to maximize the speed, scalability, and availability of recovery, whether recovery occurs on-site or at an alternate site.


After creating snapshots of your servers and data locally, we then copy and transmit it to a secure, U.S. based datacenter where it resides in an encrypted, compressed format.

That remote datacenter then replicates the data again to a secondary datacenter, creating a total of three copies of the data in three geographically distinct regions. Because the data is encrypted, you can be assured it’s safe. Only you have the encryption key, and no one has access at any of the remote storage facilities.

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YBS has skilled technicians which can handle PCs, Laptops, Servers, VPNs, Telephone Systems, Copiers, Printers, Fax & Scanners, and Data Backup Systems.

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Those folks at YBS are on top of their game when it comes to keeping our network up to speed.

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