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A YBS chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) based lightweight app to implement intelligent conversation through written or spoken text.  By integrating pre-developed scripts and machine learning, bots can anticipate an accurate response to a question and allow it to efficiently replicate human conversation and reply to spoken or written questions. It automates many of the processes that we currently use human interaction to do but really, the human is not required any longer.  Generally, a chatbot can reduce costs, increase conversions and improve customer experience. Apple Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are good examples of advanced bots.  Yours can be much simpler and cost effective while delivering real value to your business.

How will chatbots be useful?

Chatbots can open new channels for your business promotion and sales. Whatsapp and Facebook have billions of active users and with a chat bot we can directly reach out to them. A user does not need to leave the chat app for use of your business service.  We don’t need to develop chatbots separately for each mobile platform. We develop your chatbot for use on all platform like iOS, Android, Windows, and Web as well.

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