Gearing up for a major trade show?

Getting your team ready for a big event?
YBS has created the “Trade Show Guide” with everything you need to know about going to your next trade show (from a 25 year trade show veteran). Get your next tradeshow done faster, easier and better.

The YBS Trade Show Guide
Top Ten List (Get the entire List below)

#1 Logistics:  Start right away planning your travel and accommodations.  Create a list of all the employees attending the trade show and assign someone the task of researching airline & hotel reservations for these people. Send out itineraries to anyone going to the show. Rent a nice car and use it to shuttle your show guests from the show to their hotels.  Order show tickets in advance to include in the mailing you’re doing to the customers & others that you’re inviting to the show.  If you can get as many tickets as you want, then ask for them in advance so you can send them out to EVERYONE!!




#2 PR & Marketing: Consider ordering and sending out some invitations to your top customers. It’s a personal way to let them know that you remember them and care if they show up or not.

Call the show publication and ask them when the show issue will be “closing for editorial” so you can make sure your press release gets to them in time. Consider releasing some newsworthy product or other story to other trade related journals so you have something to say that’s enticing to get potential clients to your booth.




#3 Graphic Design: Hire a professional graphic designer to design new layouts (this is not time to get cheap and if you use your head and get a professional design done for your company its going to be something that will do double duty for you – a good design will help people recognize and remember you so they can purchase your product or service when they’re ready to do so. In addition to creating a brochure that represents your company and your product or service line, you may also want to have a piece that talks specifically about “show specials” or special prices or deals that are only being offered at the trade show.




Ship Your Exhibit Items

#4 Shipping:  Research the different options and how it affects other costs: 1. Shipping with cheap shipper (not a common carrier); if you do that will you have to pay full price to get the products into the booth and will you have to hire a separate shipper to bring crates from airport to the show? 2. Or, ship with the show shipper; pay a higher price, but get the package deal to bring the crates into the show floor. 3. Or get a quote from a common carrier – other than show shipper?





                         trade show communications gt_736416_Picture-1                 

#5 Communications: Bring your own phone as it’s much cheaper than renting a phone at the show (sometimes it’s cheaper to just bring cell phones but the signals aren’t always perfect on a show floor and if you do that don’t forget to arrange in advance to get your internet connectivity via your wireless carrier as well).






#6 Booth Design:  “Pop up” booths are convenient, easy and can be brought into the show without paying the “show labor” (union workers). If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a custom booth do me a personal favor and don’t hire someone who’s unimaginative. If you’ve got a budget to create a new booth make sure you have the help of someone who knows how to do this, knows how to save money doing it and can think out of the box to get you something memorable.





#7: Press conference or not?  – Decide if you need to arrange to introduce our new products and service at a press conference.  It’s only a good idea to do this if you have something really newsworthy and interesting to say to the press….be careful not to gather a bunch of press together for no reason or your first press conference will be your last.





#8 Inventory List – Think through and inventory what you’ll need for the trade show (i.e., how many groupings of products are needed? How many display areas will you need in the booth? Do you want to make a grouping on the table or on the reception desk in the booth?)





#9 Website and Mobile Updates: What changes are needed for the show?  At the very lease you’ll want to post the information about the show itself and let people know how to find you.It’s a good idea to do some kind of promotion at the show and tie it into your website.  There are a million things you can do and what you do depends greatly on what what type of product or service you sell, your target market, your completion and many other factors.,




 Finance concept: arrow with Special Event on grunge textured concrete wall background, 3d render

#10 Off-site events – Consider renting a hotel suite to hold customer meetings/press meetings.  Schedule beverages & food; arrange for catering if so.  Find event spaces at the exhibit hall but     sometimes it’s good to just get the heck out of dodge for a change in atmosphere.  Make sure you have product or service displays (point of purchase displays) for whatever events are being held in this room.  Don’t forget to include products that can be taken to this room to be put on display.


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