Website Performance Scorecard

Find out how your site stacks up against other sites!

Take this survey and get your website score plus tips on how to improve it! 

Your Website Performance Scorecard:

YBS Website Scorecard

When was the last time you had your site redone?

Is your site optimized to be found by search engines like Google, Bing, and others?

Does your site work on all browsers: Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox?

If your website is set-up for e-commerce sales, are you generating the desired level of online sales?

Is your site optimized for mobile, either via HTML5 or a mobile app?

How often do you add content to your website?

Do you have an active social media presence?

Do you manage and address the reviews of your website?

What security programs do you have supporting your website?

Do you have an analytics platform that you use for your site?

Do you have video content on your site?

That’s it! Thank you for taking a time to evaluate your website!

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