Yes, we have an existing security system...

But what can a NEW system do for us now?

Smart Business Solutions from YBS include:

✓Video Security & Surveillance Systems

✓Video Storage with Remote Live View

✓Thermostat Controls and Monitoring

✓Smart Energy Meters

✓Locks – to remotely manage access

✓Air Conditioning Monitoring and Controls

✓Motion Detection for security and asset protection

✓Water Leaks, Freezing & Other Notifications

✓Refrigeration Temperature Controls

✓Security and Alarm Installation, Support and Monitoring

✓Many different sensors and devices for all of your specific applications

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A NEW Security System can do So Much More for your business, like Dramatically Reduce Loss, Liability, Theft & Vandalism and Increase Employee Productivity.

Analog systems have been the standard for business security for decades, but now new technologies do so much more and can provide a number of security enhancing, cost effective reasons to upgrade your system now with Your Business Solutions (YBS).

YBS Smart Business Solutions provides everything you need to secure your business with things like environmental sensors that can detect carbon monoxide, smoke, flood/water and manage freeze or heat issues to protect your place of work, your employees and your inventory.  Here are just a few of the cutting edge benefits that these new technologies from YBS can provide:

Facility Wide Monitoringaspects of your business that were previously unsupervised, can now be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the newest security technologies available today. Your inventory & facilities can be fitted with temperature controlled sensors that will notify you if temperatures go above or below safe levels. Similar systems can be set up to alert you when doors or windows aren’t locked when they should be and sensors can monitor floods, smoke, carbon monoxide or other harmful substances that can hurt your staff or inventory.  Video monitoring systems can even ensure cash drawers are being properly handled and closed-out at the correct time.

Reduce Costs & Eliminate Loss – Inventory surveillance systems, environmental sensors, lighting & energy management products and customized warning systems save energy & money and reduce loss, theft & vandalism.

SmartPhone Monitoring – You can remotely monitor your entire operation via your new security system,from your iPad or mobile phone, in real-time, no matter what time of day or where you are.

Increase Productivity – New security systems do so much more to increase employee productivity by making it easier for you to supervise and manage your teams – improving employee integrity and keeping employees “inline” and on-task

Reduce Liability – Your new system will reduce your liability and provide the reliable “witness” you need to protect your company from frivolous lawsuits and gratuitous employee legal claims.

Encourage Positive Personnel – Employees that know they are being monitored are more likely to arrive on time, to focus on their work, to not “dip into the till,” to take efficient breaks and to not gossip about other employees or your company.

Workplace Safety – Features of the latest security systems do a better job of securing your business, controlling access and providing employees with a safe workplace.  Employees that feel safer are happier and more productive.  

Standard Security System and Services – YBS also includes all the basic security products and services you’ll need to cost effectively manage your business’ security including all your installation and ongoing support needs.

YBS Smart Business Solutions will help you stay connected no matter where you are, with remote access and programmable alerts. If you’re interested in hearing more about our advanced capabilities, including services like energy management, video Integrated Point-of-Sale systems and HVAC & commercial equipment monitoring, contact us today at (713) 283-4009.  Contact a YBS Security Consultant to find out how your business security can be customized to address your company’s specific needs.

Here are Some New Security System Features,

and the Problems they were designed to address….

Prevent Employee Theft – Did you know that 60% of inventory losses are caused by employees?

Prevent Shoplifting – There are nearly 300 million shoplifting incidents per year.

To use in Employee Training – Video surveillance systems can be used to monitor employee behavior, not only for inventory loss issues, but for employee training as well.

Prevent Vandalism & Harassment – A properly placed security camera will deter vandalism & many crimes.

Provides Valuable Store Traffic Feedback  – Monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of your store will help you to decide where to place products for better sales.

Reduce Insurance Premiums – Video surveillance systems can also protect insurance businesses against false claims such as workman’s comp claims, harassment, liability and slip/fall claims.

Take Advantage of Tax Benefits – Businesses are now allowed to deduct up to $500,000 in equipment purchases under section 179 of the tax code for 2011. This makes video surveillance system purchases 100% tax deductible for many companies.


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